Local moving that makes sense. We have one goal and one goal only- to have each and every customer we serve come back time and time again. THis is why our local moving service is all inclusive. You pay for an hourly rate and receive materials such as moving boxes, tape, saran wrap, use of moving pads, at an all-inclusive rate. Additionally, we do not charge for fuel for any destination within the state of California. It is self explanatory, you pay one hourly rate. 

We care a lot about the satisfaction of each and every customer. This is why we operate differently than any other moving company. We are a small scale business with few men. This works to the benefit of our loyal cstomers, who can get the attention they deserve from the company that owes it to them. We have limited space, and we are more thamn happy to tackle any challenge that may come our way. We operate using a small, clean-air fleet of cargo trucks, all of which have been assembled after 2012. Thats a pretty hot ride for your stuff, if you ask us! Local movers should have a goal to care for their customers as well as ther belongings, because thats what its all about. 


At Jolly Dolly, we put the customer first, no matter what. That means we can give you the best rate possible with absolutely no hassle and no strings attached. We have been more than happy to accomodate the needs of any of our customers, and we can do the same for you. Local movers have long been a hassle for anyone who wants to relocate. We have made it our mission to aleviate that hassle. 

Local movers sometimes make it all too difficult to move. Although we cannot take away all of the difficulties that moving entails, we sure can help make your experience as simple as possible. Since we've been in the business for a considerable amount of time, we know some of the common things that customers often struggle with. Whether it be packing, disassembling, reassembling, or anything in between, we've dealt with it all. We're here to make sure you get through your move with ease and let us do all the hard work. 

Southern California Local Moves is What We Do

There are many movers in Southern California that will not have the interests of you, the customer, at heart. This may be the case becuase many companies book more jobs than they know how to deal with. Not us. As we said, we are amall scale Southern California company. That means we know how to move SoCal unlike anyone else. We don't pack ourselves full of international moves and interstate moving; all we do is SoCal, and that's it. 


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