Malibu Movers

Malibu is a beautiful city on the coast of California, as well as a city that is in high demand when it comes to relocation. It is no wonder why so many people have desired to move to this lovely beach town. Of course, with any city in high demand, there must be a lot of moving companies in the area to accommodate for the needs of all the people moving in and out of the region.

Many moving companies flock to places that have high demand and expensive housing such as Malibu. You will likely find a lot of companies that make false promises that cannot be delivered on. Many of the companies you will find locally in these areas are only there because they see a large profit to be made. Jolly Dolly is different.

These companies try to make a large profit off of customers in these areas by hiking prices in areas where they think the housing is more expensive, thus residents can afford to pay a bit more. Malibu is a very popular place for this sort of behavior from companies. Jolly Dolly, however, does not operate in this way.

To ensure that our customers are as happy as they can be, Jolly dolly has made it so that there is no hidden costs that our customers will be hit with at the end of their moves. In fact, we care so much about offering good, cheap service, that we offer free materials to use for your move. That’s right, every box, tape roll, bubble wrap, and moving pad you use will be completely free. Isn't that great!

On top of offering you the best possible price for your relocation needs, Jolly Dolly also has some of the best employees you can speak to and work with regarding your Malibu move. Our men are always ready to tackle any kind of moving job you may have. They do their jobs in a professional, cost-effective manner that is sure to give you peace of mind.

The people at Jolly Dolly know that every Malibu mover has different needs when it comes to their moves. In order to ensure that we have specifics of your move correct, we will begin our service to you with an estimate. During an estimate, a Jolly Dolly representative will take your information over the phone to give you a very accurate price. If we feel as though we cannot get all of the information we need to satisfy your requests over the phone, we will send a trusted Jolly Dolly employee to your Malibu location for further evaluation of your goods. Details such as distance and amount of items are used to give you an accurate estimate of how much our services cost to you. Don’t worry, we’re sure you wont be disappointed with the price!

Jolly Dolly movers has made it our mission to put the customer before all else, including profit. For this reason, we have so many loyal customers that come back to us time and time again for Malibu moving. However, Jolly Dolly movers are able to service people in a lot more areas than just Malibu. We have happily served customers in all surrounding areas.

Our highly professional Malibu movers know how to handle any kind of move. Th best part of going with a mover who knows what they are doing is that you are able to relax knowing that your items are in good hands. It may not come as a surprise that the best movers in the industry are ones that know how to handle any type of issue, no matter how large. Jolly Dolly employees know what they are doing, so go ahead and relax. We’ve got it.

Jolly Dolly Malibu movers will definitely not leave you disappointed in terms of performance before, during, and after your move. We know that Malibu has a lot of people who need moving service, and we will always be there to deliver. Jolly Dolly is the best choice for your Malibu move, and we hope you will give us the chance to show you how great we really are! Call us today to schedule a move.

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